Incertae sedis

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Hausmann & Hülsmann (1996) discussed the development of classification schemes in proto-zoology, including the perspicacious statement that “at present only preliminary systems can be constructed in the field of protozoan and prot(oct)istan systematics”. As with other protist groups, the advent of molecular techniques will probably mean changes to traditional systems (e.g. Corliss, 1994, 1998). We make no judgement on the validity of any particular scheme, so that many Antarctic, autotrophic and heterotrophic species, genera or higher level taxa dealt with in the following section remain of uncertain status. However, the classification used here is that of Hausmann & Hülsmann (1996), using Superphylum Metakaryota and its constituent groups. 24 species are recorded here.

Garrison & Gowing (1993) discussed Antarctic marine protozooplankton assemblages and provided an excellent overview of previous studies.